From Words to Meaning to Insight

Text (qualitative data) is very different from numbers (quantitative data). Simply listing the words and their frequency tells you very little about meaning and significance. So much of what we understand from the written word is based on context.

Analysing text accurately involves taking into account that the same word can have multiple meanings and very different words can have the same meaning.

Language is complex and extracting meaning from text must deal with this complexity.

The Pioneering Leximancer Approach

Leximancer enables you to navigate the complexity of text in a uniquely automated fashion. Our software identifies ‘Concepts’ within the text - not merely keywords but focused clusters of related, defining terms as conceptualised by the Author. Not according to a predefined dictionary or thesaurus.

The Concepts are presented in a compelling, interactive display so that you can clearly visualise and interrogate their inter-connectedness and co-occurrence – which is as important as the Concepts themselves - right down to the original text that spawned them.

Leximancer embraces the complexity of language allowing the true meaning to emerge from the text itself, without human bias - in minutes!

Is Leximancer for you?

Are you looking for text analytics technology that:

  • is the only truly automatic text analytics solution?
  • mitigates human bias?
  • has no onerous set-up activity?
  • has robust sentiment analysis?
  • gets to a results-set quickly?
  • can run standalone or be integrated into your enterprise business systems?
  • has the lowest Total Cost Of Ownership?

Then you need Leximancer.

Use Leximancer for:

Survey Analysis, Market Research, Social Media Monitoring, Customer Loyalty & Forensic Analytics.


Academic Publications to Date: 1050


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Customer Testimonials

"We have been using Leximancer for over a year now and it has substantially improved our ability to deal with text data whether from surveys or from other sources. It allows us to easily identify themes from the substantial amounts of data that we have and focus our subsequent research efforts much better. The setup is relatively easy and the tool itself is easy to use. The support we have received has been very good and responsive and our questions have always been addressed comprehensively. Overall we are very happy that we have Leximancer."

Tony Cotton
Director Human Capital Research and Analysis
Human Capital Research and Evaluation Group
Australian Public Service Commission

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